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December 30, 2013
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A/N: Changed it so the prologue is chapter one instead.

WARNING: Implied Elsa/Anna. There will be eventual Elsa/Anna involved, along with dark themes.

Chapter One: Premonitions

It all started off with a dream.

The black veil that covered Elsa's face peels itself off, releasing her from the sense-depriving darkness. She can breathe. She can see. Cool air filled her lungs and her vision adjusted to the dim lighting. Her wandering soul, which had mysteriously left her body, settled back down in her being. She could tell she was still in her bed, but something wasn't right. There was something lying on her, pinning her against her bed. No, someone was pinning her.

Glancing down, Elsa managed to make out the distinctive orange hair that belonged to her sister. Since she was not facing her, she couldn't tell whether Anna was awake or not. "A-Anna?" she croaked, her voice dry after some time of no use.

The redhead looked at her in response. Her eyes were filled with a strange emotion, something that Elsa can't pinpoint. Anna crawled up until her face was uncomfortably close to hers. Alien warmth spreads through her body as butterflies fluttered in her stomach. It felt... good.

Sinfully good.

Anna whispered to her in a low and provocative voice, "Let this happen Elsa..." The blonde involuntarily whimpered, despite all the voices in her head warning her how wrong this was.

Stop it Elsa, she's your sister!

What will your parents say? What will the people say?

Anna smirked at her, as if she had read her mind. "Don't tell me you don't want it, Elsa..."

"This is wrong Anna, you know that," she told her. She could tell Anna knew it was wrong but she didn't care. And frankly, a part of her does not care either. But no, she can't go with this. This is a sin! Hellfire and brimstone sure awaits her and her sister if they go with this!

Elsa averted her eyes from her sister's penetrating gaze. "Yeah, but -"

A finger on her lips shushes her protest. Anna moved her hip against hers, and a soft wave pleasure coursed through her veins. "Let it go, Elsa... Let it go and submit to your desires..."

Despite all the dangers, Elsa decided to go through with it. Their faces come closer, and for the first time in forever, Elsa and Anna share their first kiss together.

An explosion of feathers rocked Elsa awake, shocking her out of her dream world. The glaring rays of the morning sun momentarily blinded her, forcing her use her other senses to locate whoever disturbed her. It didn't much for the intruder to reveal their identity to her.

"Wake up Elsa! It's time for breakfast!"

When her vision cleared, she found herself staring right at Anna's face. Despite her raggedy, just-woke-up-from-bed hair, the redhead still looked beautiful. She had a warm smile on her soft lips, and Elsa caught herself fixated on them for a few seconds.

She quickly averted her gaze from her sister. "Alright then," she laughed, masking her nervousness. "Let me fix myself before going downstairs."

"Suit yourself! But don't complain when all the berries are gone!" Anna said as she got off the bed.

As she watched Anna go off for breakfast, the Queen was suddenly lightheaded. The aftershocks of her dream were still fresh in her head, daintily teasing her with the phantom sensation of the kiss. Frustrated, Elsa shook her head, pushing the thoughts aside.

What the hell am I thinking?

Dreams of kissing Anna had been growing more and more vivid over the course of the last few weeks. She didn't know why but the dreams wouldn't stop haunting her, no matter how sinful their images were. A thought was born in her head. Were they trying to tell her something?

Nonsense. Elsa brushed the thought aside and stood up to change.

Elsa kept a stoic expression as she walked over to the dining table. Her sister was busy ravaging a bowl of berries. It was so cute to see her like this, since she reminded Elsa of the time they were children. Another pang of guilt strikes a chord in her, painfully reminding her of her dream.

Looking up through a curtain of red hair, Anna offered her a little red berry and said, "Want one?"

"No thanks..." Ela declined. There was a plate of bread and ham right across from Anna. Saying nothing, Elsa sat opposite of her sister and began to absently toy with her warm food.

"So... Are you mad I interrupted your beauty sleep?" Anna asked teasingly. A ghost of a smile cracked on the edge of Elsa's lips, but it immediately gave way to a mask of stoicness again.

"You didn't. I just wish you didn't have to break the pillow."

Anna laughed; a musical, cheery sound that Elsa so adored. "Well, is there any better way to wake you up?"

Elsa shook her head, a smile breaking through her mask. Such an innocent little girl. Afterwards, the two girls ate in awkward silence. The blonde had pushed away her thoughts for her sister for now, hoping it was all meaningless. After all, it's just a dream, right? There's no way she should be feeling more than just sisterly love for Anna!

"So, guess what Kristoff and I are doing later," Anna blurted out, shattering the silence.

Like a demonic tidal wave, Elsa's dream clawed its way to the front of her mind and proceeded to torment her again. A thin layer of frost formed on her chair as envy and pain started coursing in her. "What?" Elsa asked, her shaky voice nearly betraying her envy and pain

"Elsa are you okay?" Anna asked, worried about her sister's well-being. Elsa nodded, forcing another smile on her face.

The Queen had no choice but to lie to her. "I-I'm fine," she said as she cracked a smile, "So, what are you two going to do later then?"

Anna's face lightened up, "We're going to go sledding with Sven and Olaf! Ooo! Do you want to come? You know how awesome that would be to sled with you?"

Elsa lied again.

"No, I have royal duties to attend to Anna," Elsa said to her. Her sister's wide, beautiful smile melted and her shoulders slumped dejectedly. As much as Elsa abhors seeing Anna like this, she has to keep her sister safe again. Not from her ice, but from her heart.

Putting her fork down, Elsa got off of her chair. "I have to do something important now, okay?" Elsa then hurriedly exits the dining room despite her half-eaten breakfast plate.

"Okay bye..." Anna sung sadly as she watched her sister leave her alone again.

"No matter how good you keep a secret, someone will find out eventually..." - Unknown 

Starting from a mishap, to fullblown love, Elsa and Anna have to balance running a kingdom and their taboo love. However Fate itself was playing a cruel game. The two sisters are eventually forced into a twisted tale of love, despair, and cold revenge. 

UPDATED: Grammar update! 

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"God have mercy on her
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hi, i'm in love with all of your Elsanna work! but i am wondering, exactly how dark is this story, and if you don't mind me asking/making you give away a small spoiler lol, does it have a happy ending? Elsa's nightmare scene in More Than Just Sisters did bother me a bit. so will this story be even more intense than that? 
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